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The Legend Trippers Journal

"Entertaining and Funny while remaining Frank and Informative...dare I say enlightening!" 
Adventures from the 1990s up through today!



Get to know the author Noah Voss (Bio)


The Lost Port of Ulao ~ Wisconsin (Released Monday, November 24, 2008)

This, the inception of the legend tripper’s journal could start many ways.  But how to start something so full of potential, and wrought with reality bending experiences?  Should I introduce the resumes of those normally along on these wild adventures?  No, that would use up all the words of the journal without giving due credence to those travelers.  Perhaps the research that goes into the legend trip before we even leave?  No, too academic and dry for this column.  The scientific equipment and metaphysical tools taken along to help quantify data, or just increase the mystery factor?  No, I’ve got for that.  So hell, let’s just jump in with the adventure!




The Bennington Black Hole ~ Vermont (Released Monday, December 1, 2008)

How did I end up in Vermont? I had been working all day in Massachusetts and thought, “hey when’s the next time I’m going to be this close to Bennington?”  Well apparently the answer was far enough in the future for me to rent a truck and head out on my nine hour adventure. 

But really as my grandma Feutz says about traveling, “now that’s something they can never take away from me” though now I wonder who they are and if I need to visit them.  I also have to consider if this was going to be an experience nobody could take away from me.  Perhaps this was to be the a trip that took everything away from me, life included.  I don’t think she had this type of location in mind when she said that about traveling but it had always stuck with me none-the-less.  The Bennington Black hole had always stuck with me too, ever since I became aware of the area and the unusual history connected to it...



The Paulding Lights ~ U.P. Michigan (Released Monday December 8, 2008)

It has been years since my trip to the Michigan woods in search of the Paulding Lights.  So why am I writing about it now?  Well I’m still not sure I should.  See, the experiences I and my fellow adventurers had, do not support the mysterious and romantic connection that many…many people have to this phenomenon.  But we will get to that...




Salem ~ Massachusetts (Released Monday December 15, 2008)

Back on the road for a few blocks I pull into the first parking lot I find.  It is a mall parking lot, across the street on the opposite side is my first connection to the Salem I expected.  A few hundred feet away from the mall I see an old stone church.  It sits behind a short iron fence and if I didn't know any better would say it looks like a movie set.  In the ten feet of grass between the fence and the front of the church I spy what appear to be very old tombstones.  They are set up in the same fashion that most lawns in Wisconsin are in October.  An unrealistic graveyard crammed into a small space with Styrofoam markers made to look hundreds of years old...


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UFO Wisconsin

A Progress Report


Noah Voss



Point Pleasant ~ West Virginia (Released Monday December 22, 2008)

Autumn in the states brings many a mundane thing.  For the avid legend tripper it also harkens the utmost forbidding foe of atmosphere building weather.  Visions of dark and stormy nights.  Full of jagged lightning bolts silent as they are sudden  With each lightning strike the the unusually thick and eerily low lying fog is illuminated revealing dancing dead leaves.  The disorienting flashes cast many a devious looking shadow, but only for an instant.  The shadows appearing in a new location with each burst leaving your thoughts running away from sanity to imagine what if.  As if by design a crack of thunder snaps you back to what is in front of you.  Brings you back to reality or drown out our screams for help in the night?  This last trip we had plenty of dark nights in the middle of nowhere and even a stormy day or two.  Unfortunately for us the two never joined forces to give us that perfect trifecta of terror...


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The Bridgewater Triangle ~ Massachusetts (Released Monday December 29, 2008)

I had done my homework before tonight and was looking forward to all the Bridgewater Triangle has to throw at me.  Everything.  No, really.  This area in the south eastern portion of Massachusetts has been home to Bigfoot sightings, giant serpents, black panthers, Indian curses, ghosts, cult ritualistic practices, hauntings, unexplained murders, very unexplained suicides, even ancient and unknown remains of a civilization that may still hold evidence that will require our history books to be re-written. So yeah, I was pretty excited to see how the night would play out.  Right off the bat I had trouble getting in contact with the curator of the Dighton Rock museum that was going to educate me on the ancient relics found in the area...



Rapid City Objectivity ~ South Dakota (Released Monday January 5, 2009)

I stopped counting at 20.  That is, 20 different states I had adventured in and through this year alone.  As any adventurer will eventually find, the balancing of home, bills, day job, friends, and in my case running a business in its seventh solid year along with remaining webmaster of over 4,000 web pages, all eventually takes a toll.  I had been balancing it all and more for many years and thought I had not just a workable system, but a successful one. 

Now I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining about scuffing my diamond shoes.  The opportunities that I have are unique to say the least and very much appreciated.  I honestly don't know how I would make it through the work week without them sometimes.  To set the scene I thought I had an impractical plan that I could still pull off.  I could however, feel something new creeping into my psyche.  It was growing each day in my otherwise happy life...


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UFO Wisconsin

A Progress Report


Noah Voss



Gravity Hills ~ Pennsylvania (Released Monday January 12, 2009)

We had spent the morning straining our eyes over the open water of Lake Erie.  Looking for Bessie, the reported Lake Monster of these parts turned out fruitless.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much else to do in a town that really didn’t embrace their local lore.  We had put a few hundred miles behind us since then, and now a new adventure had presented itself.  Seek out and explore this "Gravity Hill" we had been reading on billboards for the last 20 miles. 

It may just have been an excuse to get off the Interstate.  As intrepid legend trippers will share, the Interstate is not where the adventures lie.  Off the Interstate we happily pulled. 




Werewolves ~ Wisconsin (Released Monday January 19, 2009)

Werewolves.  I may have had some grandiose plans as a child that never came through to fruition, but werewolf hunter?  Let me think back…astronaut…race car driver…police officer, yeah I think I saw myself doing those things at some point.  Well that last one not so grandiose, but if you know anything about me now, it just doesn’t fit.  I could have never guessed that I would be on the trail of a large hairy unexplained creature sighted in several counties of south eastern Wisconsin. Then again, the more I think about it I remember hanging topographic maps of the ocean floor from the area consisting of the Bermuda Triangle on my basement walls.  That along with some really cutting edge research I had been compiling on dragons, all at the age of seven or so was really going to take me places.  But here I am, sitting in front of a roaring fire in zero degree Wisconsin winter weather, burrowed into a snow bank that is the result of a record snowfall year.  At least I’m not alone in my insanity...



Gettysburg ~ Pennsylvania (Released Monday January 26, 2009)

This was another last minute decision made to include Gettysburg on our current adventure.  With on this trip, Chad Lewis legend tripper to such places as Loch Ness, Transylvania, and Puerto Rico after El Chupacabra, together with Terry Fisk, webmaster for, and myself again in the drivers seat.   I was anticipating intriguing and horrifying tales of bloody battles, paired nicely with a historic downtown full of colonial style homes.  We reach Gettysburg by driving through a wide and green valley.  Heading into town from the west results in cutting through the large battle fields that once held thousands of living soldiers.  Soldiers that by the thousands wouldn’t live through the night...



Bachelors Grove Cemetery ~ Illinois (Released Monday February 2, 2009)

It’s 1990 something and I’m driving through neighborhood after neighborhood.  Chicago spreads out a bit for those who’ve never been.  Dotted with very well-to-do homes, rolling forests crammed between rows of apartments filled with people who are not as well-to-do as some others are.  This legend trip is taking me and my navigator Brandon St. Germain to one of those dense groves of trees spread over uneven ground.  Bachelors Grove Cemetery at this time had reports of nearly nightly glowing lights and unexplained sounds.  Voices were continually reported, even moving earth in the cemetery itself.  It wasn’t too long ago that it was reported in the local paper how someone had been digging up graves.  The evidence of this was still present.  After all we are basically in Chicago so, most anything is possible and expected...




Moonshine Gulch ~ South Dakota (Released Monday February 9, 2009)

All for some proper atmosphere to have a bit to eat, a bit more to drink, and of course the ghost.  I find myself in South Dakota for the second October in a row heading once again to the middle of nowhere.  Busy as usual with this ghastly month full of ghosts we just organized and presented at an Unexplained Conference in Sioux Falls the night before and were due in Rapid City only a few short hours from now.  Where we were now, was in the Black Hills of South Dakota, turning off a small paved highway onto a gravel road that was clearly neglected.  Oh, did I mention it had just stopped snowing after an early storm dropped over a half a foot of snow?  ...


The Devil's Curve ~ Illinois (Released Monday, February 21, 2011)

...This day starts not long after the sun first shows. With thoughts from the day before still swirling through our minds.  Dusty historic structures from the 1800s, 'haunted' locations by the dozens, psychic free response experiments of clairvoyance, and a brush with a serial killer haunt us as we wake.  We are off to create another day of adventure, bent on making it better than the previous....

Chad jumps from the vehicle as soon as it slows.  Onto the icy road, hatchet in hand, I'm quick to follow into the dry winter day.  We walk out into the fields, feeling alive with a few deep breaths of the brisk February air as it burns the lungs.  A figure of a woman wearing white flowing garments...



Cry Baby Bridge ~ Illinois (Release Monday, February 28, 2011)

...But to today. The snow is deep, the air is cold. The sky gray and the mood full of potential. We find ourselves again somewhere in Illinois, looking for lost spirits that reportedly make themselves known in the form of a baby's cry cutting the dead silence...

...At the moment I'm quickly jotting down notes on the many legends we have explored on this adventure, between flipping through our trusty road atlas with Chad trying to navigate. We are looking for the source, or rather the location where this sad disembodied baby, cry's in the night. The 15+ inches of snow that fell only a few days prior has closed many a thing across the state, including a few roads we think we need to reach Cry Baby Bridge...


Lake Monster ~ Lake Pepin (Released Monday, November 21, 2011)

From behind the helm Chad’s outstretched arm pointed into open water “What’s that?”  Perhaps his two trips to Loch Ness Scotland, seeking the Loch Ness Monster have honed his serpent sighting skills. 


Todd quickly grabbed one of the five binoculars nearby and focuses in on our mysterious, dark and slender silhouette. Whatever ‘it’ was, it moved through the water only a few hundred feet off our port side. 


But I’m getting ahead of myself.  As any seasoned legend tripper knows, travel to and from the legend is as much the adventure as the destination itself.  So let’s start at the beginning...


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Legend Tripping Journal Entries In-The-Works


You choose which legend tripping adventure will be released in full next!  Just Email your choice from the list below to or call 1-877-Par Norm (727-6676)


Kecksburg ~ Pennsylvania

Noah Voss, Chad Lewis, and Terry Fisk are in search of what crashed at Kecksburg!

Bed and Breakfast ~ Minnesota


The Winchester Mansion ~ California

Noah Voss tours the insane Winchester Mansion.

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St. Augustine ~ Florida

Noah Voss visits historic St. Augustine Florida.

The Phoenix Lights ~ Arizona

Noah Voss lands in Phoenix Arizona, 1997 only days after 10,000 people witness the same UFO.

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The Bridgewater Triangle ~ Pennsylvania

Noah Voss explores everything this triangle has to offer and still finds his way back home.

COMPLETED and inserted into the above Journal Entry rotation due to overwhelming requests for it!  Thanks to all those who wrote in.

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UFO Wisconsin

A Progress Report


Noah Voss

Alcatraz ~ California

Noah Voss takes a boat ride to The Rock.

North Cascade Mountain Range ~ Washington State

Noah Voss spends a few weekends in the wilderness watching for everything from UFOs on the summit of Mt. St. Helens to Bigfoot by mountain lakes.

Voodoo ~ Jamaica

Noah Voss visits the Island and looks to learn more about Hodo, Voodoo, and Santeria.

UFOs ~ Mexico

Noah Voss heads south looking up in Mexico City and Mazatlan for all things unidentified. 

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