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W-File: gh2004_0004_St.Nazianz

Type: No investigation data available at this time.
Date: May 25, 2004
Location: St. Nazianz School Manitowoc County, Wisconsin

Source: The Online Reporting Form



Saint Nazianz fits the old haunted mystic looking location that one might think could give birth to many a ghost.  Is it haunted, or is it just a scene to fitting for our minds to not let it be?  One thing is for sure, it has helped to create many a ghostly story:

" i am reporting for a non-internet friend of mine in reference to the st. nazianz boys school.


i had learned of the place about 5 or so years ago and refered my buddy to it as a neat place to check out on a boring weekend. now this is back when not many talked about the place and not like recently had seen activity of people purchasing and doing things there. anyhow to correspond with the recent report you have on file which sounds a bit like someone with a very open mind and not very skeptical.

i look for reasoning before belief in unexplainable. alas the similarities between the recent report and the story from my friend a few years back could make hair stand on end. the report my friend gave me: he and his wife drove there on a boring saturday, and up to the buildings parking behind them where no one could see their car from the road, since it was mid-day. they walked around outside for a bit peering into windows and what not, and decided to investigate the church! building. the bar lock across the door was in place with the exception of the lock being clasp tight under the bar. the door was opened and he ducked under the bar and went inside. inside he said it appeared as an abandoned church would, except it seemed to be pretty free of vandalism. his wife never entered but stayed at the door. he walked through a couple rooms and said there seemed to be a chill to the air on a hot summer day, not too out of place for a closed up old building. he also said there was sunlight shining down through somewhere we could not discover, and it shined perfectly on a religious mural on the wall. after looking around the place for about 20 minutes a heavy sey headache came over him and he immediately left. it bothered him so much so that his wife drove on the way home. he said the headache did not leave him until about an hour after he left the place. his story has never changed and he told it to me again word for word the other day when i mentione! d the place. perhaps there is some unseen force or gloom of events past.

i myself could never work up the courage to investigate it myself."  

Many of the old structures at Saint Nazianz are in great disrepair and all but abandoned on the grounds.  One could be forgiven to let their mind wander in the month of October when passing by.  When they were full of kids, and teachers especially all focusing their energies in a religious or spiritual way, perhaps something metaphysical did happen.  Then again, maybe it's all simply misunderstood. 


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