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W-File: ab1881.html

Type: Alien Abduction
Date: 1881
Location: Midway between Platteville and Belmont

Source: UFO Roundup Volume 5 Number 29 - July 20, 2000


Just off Highway 151, midway between Platteville (population 9,800) and Belmont (population 80) lie two ancient mounds, the scene of a very strange incident back in 1881.

"These mounds are 1,420 and 1,380 feet above sea level. In 1827 Major John H. Rountree and a friend, exploring in the region, climbed one of them to view the surrounding country and carved their names in rocks where Indian signal fires once burned. Rountree later became owner of one of the most profitable mines in the Platteville district."

No one knows who actually reared the mounds. They were already old when the Lakota people (also known as the Sioux Indians) arrived in Wisconsin in 600 A.D. Some theorize that the mounds were erected by a mysterious people known to the Ganegahaga (also known as the Mohawk Indians) as the Ot-ne-yarheh. Curious-looking artifacts of the pre-Columbian Greenwood culture--mostly diamond-shaped knives and pendants--have been found at the site.

According to historian Erva Loomis Merow of Kenosha, Wis., the stone farmhouse nearest the mounds was purchased by a young German farmer named Karl Nodolf, "who went back to Germany to marry" his intended bride "and bring her back. He arrived there only to discover that his bride-to-be had died of diphtheria weeks before...Slowly Karl lifted himself out of his grief to discover that, of his bride-to-be's family, only two people had survived, her mother and a young sister. Karl looked at the sister, just sixteen years old, and onceagain the (Wisconsin) farm became a beautiful dream. He asked the mother and sister, called Louise, to go back to Wisconsin with him."

Karl and Louise married, and in 1877, their first child, daughter Minnie Louise, was born. Two years later, in 1879, their son Louis was born. "Minnie and Louie Nodolf were to become the center of a legend--a legend which still lives among the people near the Mound."

One night in June of 1881, a thuderstorm passed over the farm. "Louise and Karl put their two children," Minnie Louise, age 4, and Louis, 2, "to bed upstairs. This night the wind had become stronger after dark, so Karl locked every shutter tight. They went back downstairs to sit before the fire, reading and sewing."

"Usually Louise liked to mend, but tonight the wind howled like a fall blizzard, instead of a June thunderstorm. They stayed up longer than usual because the wind became so intense. Great streaks of lightning and cracks of thunder filled the air. Finally Karl decided it was just another summer storm, and they prepared for bed."

"Karl closed the shutters at the windows and barred the doors securely. Louise, carrying a lamp, led the way upstairs. She covered the children and soon they were all asleep."

"Toward morning a very loud crack of thunder woke Louise and Karl. Louise said she heard Minnie crying for her and ran to her bed. Neither Minnie nor Louie were in their beds. She lighted a lamp and looked around the room, thinking they must have been frightened by the storm and gotten out of bed. They were not in their room."

Then, between the battering of the wind and cracking thunder, they heard the children crying They listened, unbelieving. Karl ran to the door, sliding the heavy bar back. He swung it open and there, outside on the step, stood Minnie and Louie!"

"'Children!' cried Louise, and they carried them in by the fire."

"'Wrap them up,' began Louise, 'I'll get their dry--'"

"She couldn't go on, for Karl was feeling their nightgowns. He touched Minnie's hair. 'You don't have to get dry clothes, Louise. They're not one bit wet!'"

"'But that's not possible. It's pouring rain,' whispered Louise."

"'How did they get out there, Louise? That's not possible either,' said Karl."

Kneeling before her daughter, Louise said, "'Minnie! Minnie, how did you get outside?'"

"'I-I-I-I don-don-don-don't kno-kno-know,' stuttered Minnie."

"'Karl!' screamed Louise, 'She's stuttering!'"

"So she was. And so was Louie, just learning to talk. Both were stuttering for the first time. From that moment on, they stuttered. Of the eight children born to Louise and Karl, Minnie and Louie were the only ones who stutter, and they do, still, to this day."

(UFO Roundup Editor Joseph Trainor's Comment: What do you think, child psychology majors? Evidence of trauma?)

"Every window in the house had been closed. The doors were barred with high sliding bars. It was impossible for the children, four and two years old, to open them, get out, and then slide the bar back into place. Everything was locked from within."

"Did Minnie and Louie somehow get out of the house, locked from within? Why, then, weren't they wet? The children couldn't explain how they got outside. Not that night, nor in the many years to come. Yet they were so frightened they stuttered from that night on!"

(See the Book Wisconsin Lore by Robert E. Gard and L.C. Serden, Duell, Sloan and Pierce, Inc., New York, N.Y. 1962, pages 37 to 40. Also Wisconsin: A Guide to the Prairie State, Hastings House, New York, N.Y. 1954, page 429.)

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