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W-File: bffrederic1974.html

Type: Bigfoot and UFO
Date: December 2, 1974 at 10:30 pm
Location: Near Frederic in Polk County, Wisconsin

Source: The W-Files Book by Jay Rath, pages 14-16


At about 10:30 p.m. on Dec. 2, 1974, near Frederic in Polk County, William Bosak, a 69-year-old dairy farmer, was driving home when he saw a disc-shaped craft beside the road. "I can remember it just as if it were yesterday," Bosak told me.


The lower half of the craft was shrouded in mist. It had a curved glass window, and inside the brightly lit compartment Bosak saw a creature covered with dark tan fur, except for its face and chin.

"He was looking out the window, and it was a different kind of character than you'd see on this earth," he said. "It looked a good deal like a man, but it had a different-looking face than you'd see. It had a kind of a cow-looking face."

Asked to elaborate, Bosak explained that the face had hair on its sides. The ears stuck out from the head about three inches, and the eyes were large and protruding.

The creature held its arms above its head, and its expression led Bosak to believe that it was "just as scared as I was." After about 10 seconds Bosak quickly drove away, and as he did so his car lights dimmed, the engine sounded as if it were missing, and he heard a soft "whooshing" noise.

The next day Bosak returned to the area and found a round spot, 6 feet in diameter, pressed down into the hayfield.

"There are other people that had seen something like that," said Bosak, "right in this area."

This is the best, and one of the least sensational, of the very rare sightings linking Bigfoot-like creatures with UFOs. It is also the least publicized.

"You know how the neighbors are," Bosak said. "They questioned it. The editor in town didn't believe it. You know, though, something? If you've ever thought of outer space - it's just fantastic, isn't it? A lot of people can imagine such things."

"But this is a fact."

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