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W-File: bfpicklepatch.html

Type: Bigfoot
Date: Three episodes which took place in (1) 1978; (2) 1975-1978; (3) June 1983
Location: Near Shawano, Wisconsin

Source: The Psychic Sasquatch by Jack "Kewaunee" Lapseritis. M.S. pages 59-64 (Published 1998 by Wild Flower Press, Mill Spring NC)

Sasquatch In The Pickle Patch

by Jack Lasperitis


The following report occurred in Wisconsin at the edge of an Indian reservation, and is actually three separate Bigfoot stories in one. It is about: (1) the Smart brothers, (2) the Polanski family, and (3) my own encounter. All are interrelated.

The first is about Tom Smart and his brother, Ted, who encountered a Sasquatch in 1978 while hunting deer in the wild woodlands of Wisconsin. The day after their experience, the Smart brothers met a family who had a remarkable experience with six Sasquatch in their pickle patch. The creatures visited their home from 1975 to 1978. These stories did not come to light until the summer of 1983 when the Smart brothers and I investigated this region and discovered the Bigfoot activity was still occuring.


In the fall of 1978, Tom and Ted were deer hunting in the Wisconsin woodlands, with approximately two inches of snow on the ground. They split up, and Tom began walking through the woods looking for deer spoor. A cold wind was blowing, and a snow flurry began. Tom looked up suddenly and saw a large 10-foot-high tree "stump" about 40 yards away that appeared awkward compared to the rest of the landscape. When Tom saw hair on the "stump" blow sideways in the breeze, he quickly realized he was looking at a living creature! As he focused on it, the head and shoulders of something huge became more visible. Just then large snowflakes began to fall during a sudden squall. As Tom squinted, he could see brown shaggy hair hanging over the face, covering all the creature's facial features. He quickly pulled up his gun and aimed at it but could not fire. Strangely, a voice told him, "Don't shoot." This startled him. He became paralyzed, almost frozen in time, gun to shoulder with no urge to pull the trigger. He was face-to-face with a creature he'd once read about known as Bigfoot. The statuesque creature was staring straight at him, never moving a muscle. Tom kept a bead on it with his rifle for a full fifteen minutes. Both remained motionless.

Then out of the corner of his eye, Tom could see something red moving through the trees about a hundred yards behind the creature. He soon realized it was his brother Ted, who, unbeknownst to Tom, had been following the Bigfoot tracks. Beside the tracks, sapling trees had been snapped off seven and eight feet above the ground. Within minutes, Ted saw the creature with Tom pointing his rifle at it. He noticed the broad shoulders of the giant, its back toward him, but he did not attempt to shoot. Because of Ted's concern for his brother's safety, he did not want to take an unnecessary risk. Ted then circled around the creature and joined Tom. Incredibly, the creature never moved!

The brothers' first words upon meeting were: "Let's get the hell out of here!" They quickly walked away, leaving the creature still standing in place. After walking about twenty yards, they became terror stricken by the sight of a dead deer with a stick grotesquely jammed through its neck. The head was twisted back in an unnatural position. There was no sign of a gun shot wound on the corpse.

The following day the Smart brothers visited the Polanski family, who lived on a tiny farm not far from where the incident had occurred. They had never met these people before, but a close friend in Milwaukee had insisted they stop to visit his good friends at the farm. He told the brothers that the family would tell them where the good hunting was in the area.

The people cordially invited the Smart brothers to come in, served them coffee, and began talking about the deer kill in their area that season. Then one of the family members mentioned how wild the virgin forest was at the edge of the Indian reservation. Ted jokingly commented: "Yes, that's real Bigfoot country out there." Instead of laughter, a silence fell over the room. The entire family abruptly stopped talking and began staring at Ted. The brothers were the only ones who chuckled. After the lull, the grandfather began to tell of the Sasquatch in their pickle patch. He said that over the last three years, starting at the end of July every summer until the first of September, a family of six Sasquatch would migrate from the forest of the Indian reservation and invade their garden. The size of these creatures ranged from as large as 11 feet tall down to as small as four feet in height. The only vegetables taken from the garden were cucumbers, which the Polanski family used to make pickles every year. At dusk, the farm folks would gather at the back windows and watch this family of Sasquatch come out of the woods and gather cucumbers. The children were especially thrilled by the sight. The brothers noticed that the old man kept referring to the Sasquatch as their "friends."

Then, to the brothers' amazement, the old man presented pictures of the creatures he had taken with his Instamatic camera. The brothers told me they were not very detailed pictures since they were taken at a distance, but they definitely showed a group of huge, hairy creatures milling around the garden at sundown.

In addition to examining topographical maps, it was important to me that I personally interview the witnesses and study the layout of the farm. The three of us drove northward from Milwaukee to visit the family. Arriving at our destination, we knocked at the door, and a woman answered whom the brothers did not recognize. We were informed that this new family had purchased the farm after the Polanski's grandfather had died. The grandmother had remarried, and the rest of the family had moved to a small town about 25 miles away.

When I cordially asked the woman if anything out of the ordinary had ever occurred on the property, she gave us an evasive glance and abruptly said, "No." I then asked if she or her family had seen any strange animals in the area. The woman appeared to immediately become suspicious of me and, after a cold stare, I received another coy "No."

I walked back to the car and took out a plaster-of-paris cast of a Sasquatch footprint. Presenting the 18-inch cast to her, I asked: "Have you ever seen a footprint like this around here before?" With a slip of the tongue, she blurted: "No, I haven't, but those damn things won't get into our garden anymore because we stopped planting one!" A look of embarrassment came over her and she quickly retreated into the house, slamming the door behind her.

We drove to the small town where the farm family had moved. Their name was not in the phone book. We started to make inquiries and, to our surprise, the first person we spoke with said the Polanski family lived a few doors down from them on the same street. When we knocked on the door, we found the family at home, and the three of us were invited to come in. I told them the reason for our visit was to hear their Sasquatch story first-hand. They immediately responded openly, relating the same details as the Smart brothers had previously given.

Two of the Polanski children were present, one a teenager, the other in his early twenties. The younger one said, "Mom, should we tell them about the two UFOs that landed beside the house the time the Sasquatch were eating in our garden?"

Mrs. Polanski explained that her father had planted extra rows of cucumbers to accommodate the creatures' large appetites. The family did not mind sharing their food and enjoyed having the Sasquatch around. One night, after the creatures finished feeding in the garden, two flying saucers about 35 feet in diameter landed approximately 75 feet from the house. The children were upstairs preparing for bed. Mrs. Polanski and the three children gathered by the bedroom window to view the spectacle. A door on one of the spacecraft opened and an eerie green light glowed from within. They expected a human form to emerge but nothing exciting happened. Moments later, the door closed and the two spacecraft departed. The family thought the occupants of the craft knew they were being observed, therefore did not disembark. I told Mrs. Polanski that I suspected something was still going on at their old farm. I wanted to return to explore the forest area around the farm for any signs of the creatures. Her son knew the area well and volunteered to accompany us.

The next day we drove to the boundary of the Indian reservation. We parked on an old dirt road about a half mile away from the farm, so as not to alert the present owner that I was still in the vicinity. The brothers explored one region while the young man and I explored another. Then we discovered a delapidated building in the forest with a dark gloomy cellar and ten-foot-high ceilings. We were startled by what sounded like deep asthmatic breathing. The "heavy" wheezing seemed to come from someone who took long, deep breaths. The breathing was eerie and unnatural, sounding like it was coming from a very large "person." My companion became frightened. The only way to quiet the young man was to leave. I had heard the sound once before when a Sasquatch walked up to my tent. A dozen other persons have also told me of hearing this type of heavy wheezing when encountering a Sasquatch. I had no doubt what the source of the sound was! I also had the haunting feeling that someone was spying on us.

Then, telepathically, the Sasquatch spoke to me. I could hear the voice in my head saying: "If you come back Tuesday night between eleven and one o'clock, a ship will be dropping off some of my people." I was so startled that I could not respond. I merely kept walking without saying a word to my companion. (Note that the creature knew something about time and trusted me enough to share the schedule information. It knew that I had good intentions and would not disrupt their activities. Such detail of time from a Sasquatch clearly demonstrates its humanness and cognitive abilities as a "human-type." Anthropologists need to redefine their definition of human.)

Because I had to return to my job in Milwaukee, I decided I would return the following weekend. I told the family that I "sensed" that a spaceship would be dropping off a group of Sasquatch on Tuesday night between eleven and one in the morning. I asked Mrs. Polanski not to share this information with anyone, that it should be kept in the strictest confidence. She agreed to this. However, in spite of our agreement she told several friends and neighbors. The Tuesday after I left, two carloads full of people drove the back roads into the early hours of the morning looking for Bigfoot.

While the group was driving in a forested area not far from the old farm house, they rounded a bend in the road and were excited to see what they described as a UFO sitting in the middle of a field. The craft was perfectly round and was emitting a dim, white luminescence. Mrs. Polanski's car was a short distance in front of the second vehicle, and, when she quickly pulled over to the side of the road, the flying saucer lifted off and flew out of sight. When the second car pulled in behind Polanski's, its beam spotlighted the field, revealing an eight-to ten-foot apelike creature running into the woods. There were a total of 11 witnesses in the two cars and everyone testified to the startling event! There was no mistaking the circumstances. A Sasquatch was observed in direct association with a UFO, and 11 people verbally swore to it! I spoke with each of the people from both automobiles the following weekend, and each one confirmed that this was absolutely true! Without a doubt, there is a Bigfoot/UFO connection.

The night after the encounter, four of the same witnesses went for a drive near the Indian reservation. They drove down a dead-end road by a stream and stopped the car. When they got out of the vehicle, they heard heavy footsteps at the edge of the woods. The four young men fanned out to look for the source of the footsteps. One of them reported to me that a voice in his head said to him, "I'm over here." When the young man looked across the stream, he saw a "big hairy thing" squatting behind a large bush. He ran back to tell his friends what he had seen, but when they returned the creature was gone.

When I arrived the following day, the witness took me to the place where he had encountered the psychic Sasquatch. In the thicket at the edge of the woods was an impression where something large had flattened the grass. Also in plain view were footprints of flattened grass leading from where the creature had been squatting. My weight and footsteps could not duplicate these footprints - they were large, far beyond my size. My investigation ended when numerous cars began driving through the area day and night hoping to get a glimpse of a Bigfoot. Apparently the news was out, and a monster hunt had begun. The Sheriff began stopping cars to ask what the people were doing, patrolling and parking along the country roads. This ruined the research in that area, and I did not return there that summer because of the increase in police surveillance and reports from local land owners of an influx of unfamiliar cars stopping in front of their property. 



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