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W-File: ce751110.html

Type: Close Encounter, Alien, MIB, Ghost
Date: November 10, 1975
Location: Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Source: Northeast, WI Post, March 8, 1976

Strange visitors upset Tosa couple

Are people from outer space visiting our planet?

Anne and Peter E. of Wauwatosa think they are. In fact, they believe they had such visitors last year.

Pete, 64, who was a foreman with a local construction company for over 30 years until his retirement in 1973, still gets excited when he speaks of the experience.

Anne, 59, says she wouldn't believe it if she hadn't seen it herself.

It was in November, the tenth to be exact. Pete remembered the date as if it were branded on his memory. The doorbell rang at 7:50 p.m.

Anne, going to answer the bell, peeped through the curtained window on the door as was her usual practice. Standing just below the stoop, about four feet from the door, was a strangely dressed person of average height. He was grasping a five foot white staff with his left hand.

Opening the inner door, Anne quickly locked the screen door; even though it was November, Pete hadn't put on the storm door because it had been a mild fall and the cold Wisconsin winter hadn't arrived.

"Yes?" Anne asked through the screen door. Hearing no reply, she again said "Yes?"

At this point, she turned to her husband for assistance. "Come here, he doesn't talk," she said.

Pete went to the door. Upon seeing the strange looking person, he remarked, "What the hell is this, something left over from trick or treat?" With that Pete unlocked the screen door and opened it in order to get a better look.

The lights from the house clearly lit the visitor.

"The skin on his face was the same as smoked meat and the face was lined with deep grooves," Pete said. He went on to describe the stranger's mouth as a small puckered opening, no bigger than a dime. Other than recalling that the visitor had a very pointed chin, Pete could not remember any other facial features.

Anne also drew a blank when it came to describing the rest of the visitor's face but she did remember his hat.

"It was shaped like a man's straw hat except the brim was more narrow," she recalled.

Pete added another item to the description, the person had tufts of hair sticking out from either side of the hat. He could not remember the color of the hair.

As Pete leaned out to grab what he at first thought was a prankster, the visitor raised his white staff and rapped it on the sidewalk. The staff made three clicking sounds and the stranger moved away.

"He didn't step back or jump back, he just drifted away from me," Pete said.

It was then that Pete became aware of four other creatures out on the lawn and in the street. "They were all dressed alike and they all carried a white staff in their left hands," Pete said.

"One of them was heavier than the rest. He was out in the middle of the street. He was rapping his staff on the asphalt and floating two to three feet above the ground each time it clicked. The staff seemed to be some sort of energy stick. That roly-poly one seemed to be having the time of his life, bouncing up and down like that. He looked like the astronauts looked when they jumped on the moon, only he seemed to have more control over his movements than they did."

Pete described the other three visitors as just moving across the lawn. "Their feet were making walking motions but they were two or three inches above the ground," he said excitedly.

All of them, he said, had a deformed look. He described their hands as looking like arthritic claws and their legs as being bent and bowed.

"They looked like over-sized gnomes," he said.

"As I leaned out, Anne grabbed hold of the suspenders on my overalls and pulled. When she got me back inside, I must have gone into a state of shock. I know I knew exactly what they looked like when I was leaning out the door, but once I was inside the house, I couldn't remember much about their faces or dress," Pete said.

"As I fell into a chair, Anne looked out the front window," he said.

"I could see only three of them," Anne said. "The one that had been at the door was drifting across the lawn. He turned and raised his hand to me. It wasn't a clenched fist, just kind of bent, that's how all their hands were naturally."

Both Pete and his wife agreed that they did not feel threatened by the visitors.

As to why they came to his house, Pete could not give a reason. He thought that their way of communicating was probably different from ours because their mouths were so much smaller. He wondered if they could eat with such a small opening and concluded that maybe they could drink liquids through a straw.

As soon as he regained his composure, Pete called the Wauwatosa Police Department. Officer Daniel Anderson, after receiving a radio message about strange looking people annoying residents on Beverly Place, surveyed the area around the Menomonee River Parkway. The Parkway is two blocks from the home.

Pete called the police the next day and the day after that to see if the police had found anything.

On the third day, Officer Anderson came to the house to say that he had found nothing.

Anne and Pete said they got the impression that Anderson thought that they were a couple of nuts.

Apparently that must have been the officer's opinion because he did not write up a report about the incident.

Peter and Anne still believe they were visited by spacemen even though they have to take a lot of kidding from friends and relatives. "My own son walks hunchbacked and says click-click just to kid us," Pete said.

Only one neighbor has been receptive to the story. He and his wife saw a strange vehicle in the sky while driving through the Menomonee River Parkway two years ago. His neighbors never told anyone about it until now because they were afraid people would make fun of them.

"You know, they were right. No one takes us seriously. They all think we are making it up or that someone pulled a joke on us. I'll believe it was a joke when someone shows me those staffs," Pete said.

"Besides, the whole thing took about two minutes. Who would go to so much trouble for just two minutes? And how could anyone get people to float all over my lawn?"

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